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For every bottle of wine we produce as an industry, there is a child somewhere in the world without a smile, without a meal, without love. The Grape Foundation is OUR foundation, the whole wine world working together as one to to put smiles on the faces of children that need it, to put food into tummies that are without it.


The Drinks industry and indeed Wine is often given a negative press due to its misuse and even abuse, but we know how loving, close and caring most wine communities are.  Wine is made following centuries of tradition of people working together, tirelessly; to achieve something they are really proud of. 


The Grape Foundation was formed to reflect these positive sentiments and demonstrate how as an industry we really do care both about what we do and indeed others.

We are all in this together, if you work in wine you are now a patron of the Grape Foundation and have a Grape Big Heart!

So what exactly is the Grape Foundation? How does it work? What can I do to help?


Well, firstly we are just the instigators, we are nothing and we achieve nothing without a collective partnership, by this we mean by you all standing side-by-side with us and everybody else in the wine making, selling and enjoying world.


We are one, we are the Grape Foundation!


The Charity has been formed, the money making event has been planned and now we are a charity in action. Are you ready and willing to be a piece of this plan? please think of children, and then say yes.

Please meet Luke, a child cancer survivor. He and children like him is what the Grape Foundation is all about.

The Grape foundation is the United Kingdom's first Wine based charity with all proceeds being donated to Children. The principles of United Kingdom Wine Consultants were the creators of The Grape Foundation.


Have you noticed? This month for the first time a major UK wine auction house held its first online auction - Why? The answer is that they are testing a theory that we have stated. The new wine buyer does not want to sit in a room for two hours to wine his or her favourite wine, they simply don't have the inclination or time. UK Consumers are changing, catch them if you can.


This week we are filming in Reims... Oh if every day could be like this...!


Final edit for the Veuve Clicquot film today. We are pround to have assisted this fantastic Champagne house and The World of Fine Wine in producing this film.


We Love!


COSA NOSTRA - BLOOD. SMOKE. OAK - now that's what we call a great new wine brand. We predict big things for the producer.

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