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Wine as an asset class has become a popular addition to pension, insurance and private investment funds over the last decade. Given the lack of correlation with
traditional investments (such as gold, equity, oil etc.), and the often favourable tax treatment, wine offers an opportunity to not only balance the exposures in your portfolio in a highly enjoyable and rewarding manner.


If you are looking to acquire a vineyard or a stake in an established wine business then we can help. 


Hollywood stars from Sting, Madonna and Drew Barrymore are perfect examples of wealthy but passionate private individuals who take real pride in nurturing their vineyards, while AXA and others are well known institutional investors who have identified pure financial value in investing in wine production.


Johanna's experience with JP Morgan, Barclays Capital and HSBC Investment Bank, Paul’s experience in arranging Private Equity transactions and our love and understanding of wine and wine markets makes us powerful partners in this space. 


Above all of this, our experience in the world of banking and finance before wine ensures we absolutely value two key things; transparency above everything else and appreciating that privacy is paramount.


Our advantage now having been out of the banking and finance eye for some years is that we are able to move and transact without the world watching, yet equally as well and perhaps with a small element of surprise. This attitude and ability we feel, now marries, as it should, the industry that we love today.



The Grape foundation is the United Kingdom's first Wine based charity with all proceeds being donated to Children. The principles of United Kingdom Wine Consultants were the creators of The Grape Foundation.


Have you noticed? This month for the first time a major UK wine auction house held its first online auction - Why? The answer is that they are testing a theory that we have stated. The new wine buyer does not want to sit in a room for two hours to wine his or her favourite wine, they simply don't have the inclination or time. UK Consumers are changing, catch them if you can.


This week we are filming in Reims... Oh if every day could be like this...!


Final edit for the Veuve Clicquot film today. We are pround to have assisted this fantastic Champagne house and The World of Fine Wine in producing this film.


We Love!


COSA NOSTRA - BLOOD. SMOKE. OAK - now that's what we call a great new wine brand. We predict big things for the producer.

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