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Have you ever felt that funny feeling when the wine waiter approaches? you are sitting with your client in the nice restaurant and the red book is heading towards you. Don't you wish you knew as much about wine as you did your business? would it not add that touch of class and perhaps sophistication?


Well, here is where United Kingdom can help. In a very short time and with a great deal of fun we can take most anybody from hiding behind the menu to happily putting out their hand for the wine list. Either as a group or individual, be it at your home or office we can help you with asking the questions to the Maitre D' that will make even him or her respect you and give you that little bit more attention.


Our Wise-Wine training days are great for corporate training, corporate entertaining as well as just for individuals and we can take the learning curve as far as you want, even helping with your wine diploma or perhaps even in time (a long time) helping you become a Master of Wine.  So why not wine-up today and call us for a chat?


In the mean time, have a look at the chart below and see if you can pick the style of wine for the food? you can then double-click on the image to see if you were right.  

The Grape foundation is the United Kingdom's first Wine based charity with all proceeds being donated to Children. The principles of United Kingdom Wine Consultants were the creators of The Grape Foundation.


Have you noticed? This month for the first time a major UK wine auction house held its first online auction - Why? The answer is that they are testing a theory that we have stated. The new wine buyer does not want to sit in a room for two hours to wine his or her favourite wine, they simply don't have the inclination or time. UK Consumers are changing, catch them if you can.


This week we are filming in Reims... Oh if every day could be like this...!


Final edit for the Veuve Clicquot film today. We are pround to have assisted this fantastic Champagne house and The World of Fine Wine in producing this film.


We Love!


COSA NOSTRA - BLOOD. SMOKE. OAK - now that's what we call a great new wine brand. We predict big things for the producer.

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