How UK wine consultantants works for you.

Discussion and decision

Understanding objectives and desires.


At UK wine consultants knowing your business as well as you do, or at least close to, is where we like to start. Wine making is a passion and we find that infectious.


Understanding you, your product, your ethos and your desires are paramount to us - in short, we listen to you for as long as it takes to form a true understanding of where you are, why you are and where you wish to go.

The  aim of our service is to review in detail your product. To analytically assess where it sits best within the British market, to devise a detailed business, product, brand and marketing plans based on current trend data and to attain a premium position within said market. To artistically package and continuously support the product to meet with current consumer tastes  and ultimately to ensure you are uniquely recognised and valued as both a quality and affordable wine ensuring longevity of sales and profitability in our market.

The Tasting and Rating procedure.


This is where our work starts, fully and properly assessing your Wine but perhaps more importantly working out where it sits in the British mix and at what potential price-point. The Tastings and Ratings are done by our MW and the general initial analysis of the product position by our directors. The combined data will lead us naturally into the next stage of development.


Business & Brand planning.


The Market in the United Kingdom has changed, more wine is being sold on the high-street than ever before at the plus £10 price point.  Hence this is where we focus, matching your brand to the current mentality of the end user and ensuring that prior to even tasting your wine, business and brand planning is on message with the correct socio-demographic. Real consideration to this proposition will be given and a bespoke 'route-to-market' will be composed. Your brand plan will also be fully analysed and potentially redressed or improved based on the business planning.


Placement and pick-up.


Your business model is sound, the brand is right, you know your wine is good, now is the time for a distributor or high-street outlet to adopt the product. This is where intention meets the market and where perhaps we are at our very strongest. Our team is highly respected for its opinions individually, collectively we are are a tour de force and are able to reach and teach the most doubting of Thomas's.

Brand support and business development.


Having achieved a strong brand and plan, having lined-up a distributor and retail space we now need to provide end-user support. The range required will always vary and could include wine dinners, tastings, press and PR support and often all or a combination of the above. We need not remind you that now you are in the crowd or mix it is time to stand out. This support piece is of paramount importance and cannot be neglected.

The Range.


One good wine is great, but a range is better. Flowing out of a range of wines is the best way to keep your vineyard exciting. We have some exceptional ideas for the right business here and when the dust has settled this will be the exciting next conversation.

The Grape foundation is the United Kingdom's first Wine based charity with all proceeds being donated to Children. The principles of United Kingdom Wine Consultants were the creators of The Grape Foundation.


Have you noticed? This month for the first time a major UK wine auction house held its first online auction - Why? The answer is that they are testing a theory that we have stated. The new wine buyer does not want to sit in a room for two hours to wine his or her favourite wine, they simply don't have the inclination or time. UK Consumers are changing, catch them if you can.


This week we are filming in Reims... Oh if every day could be like this...!


Final edit for the Veuve Clicquot film today. We are pround to have assisted this fantastic Champagne house and The World of Fine Wine in producing this film.


We Love!


COSA NOSTRA - BLOOD. SMOKE. OAK - now that's what we call a great new wine brand. We predict big things for the producer.

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