An Online Wine Superstore.


eBay & Worldwide Vines are excited to announce the opening of Worldwide Vines online wine super-store exclusively on the Click, Click, Sip store that is about to say hello to 17M people up and down Great Britain.


Worldwide Vines was created by CEO Paul Anthony Gidley (UK Wine Consultants – The Grape Foundation), Paul Stevens and Dan Church, who together have created a one stop shop where great wines for all types of wines lovers can be found and purchased with ease. ‘We are proud to have created a store within eBay that looks and feels just like a wine buyer would expect’ Said Dan Church.


The launch has an initially 130 wines listed, with the first wines available being best be described as ‘something to keep everyone happy.' But, in just a few weeks’ time, some of the biggest names in the UK wine industry will be found in the store too bringing perhaps one of the greatest line up's of wine in the UK online space


Worldwide Vines approach to wine is as simple as Click, Click, Sip – which simply highlights the ease and speed of the purchase process and denotes the quality of wines available through the eBay store.


From Table to Fine.


And the story doesn't stop there; Worldwide Vines have committed to adding a further 200 wines in the coming weeks, with a selection of fine and rare wines set to be included. By the end of the year, Worldwide Vines plans to have over 1,000 wines available on eBay, covering eight different countries, with all orders eligible for 48hour delivery.  All existing wines will range in price from a modest £8.00 through to £50 for Champagnes and a little higher still for the rare fine wines to follow.

 Growers, Producers, and Retailers.


Worldwide Vines is now able to offer wine growers and wine retailers alike a robust and unique new audience that bears a striking resemblance to the profile of the UK online wine buyers. Worldwide Vines openly invites all interested growers, producers, and retailers to get in touch ‘We have the optimal store and technical capabilities to make onboarding very easy' said Paul Stevens.


Paul Anthony Gidley, Worldwide Vines CEO said, ‘We are incredibly excited about the future of Worldwide Vines on, with over 17 million shoppers visiting eBay every month it felt like the ideal platform to use to engage with wine lovers up and down the country, and we actually believe that the opening of this store on eBay is equally exciting to winemakers who might want to engage with them also. Worldwide Vines openly invites all interested growers, producers, and retailers to get in touch should they wish to be involved in this new and exciting venture


An eBay Spokesperson says, ‘WorldWide Vines bring with them an incredible selection of wine, at some great value prices. So if you’re looking for the everyday essential or that something special you’re sure to find it among their growing offering.’


For customers, buying wine from Worldwide Vines is as easy as Click, Click, Sip and all purchases will be delivered professionally packed and protected with a delivery cost of just £6.20 for six bottles of wine.


 The letters of the law - AV.


 Age verification is a serious issue with regards to alcohol delivery as a whole' Said Paul Anthony Gidley. We have taken steps to ensure the needed question is asked at the right time. Each box of wine will have a large AV sticker on it and will encourage the deliverer to ask age should it be needed, pointing out clearly, it is the law.


To visit the store for yourself please just click on the link below and for further details on this exciting new addition the UK wine market, please email the address or call the number below.


Click here - Worldwide Vines


For more information on this exciting announcement please contact


Welcome to UK wine consultants.

A brand new brand with a brand new plan.

UK Wine Consultants would like to pose a simple question for 2016?

By simply talking & working with UK Wine Consultants.

UK Wine Consultants are dedicated to supporting Winemakers in succeeding in the UK wine market not by following the herd but by applying original thinking.


We provide detailed market insite, knowledge, creativity and strategic planning regarding wine positioning, sales and support. Our mix of UK wine knowledge, wine business strategy, consumer understanding and of course creativity is simply the difference between success and failure in our market. Our market is changing, new thoughts are needed.


In short, we provide cost effective market entry services from 'cellar door to the shelves of UK stores'.


 UK Wine Consultants is an integrated Wine consultancy that consults with experts across all fields of the UK wine industry as part of its team. We use this breadth of knowledge to out-think your competition and challenges. We are the first 'new future' consultancy of our ilk, formed of genuine experts in each core area of our industry. But beyond anything else, we know our Land and have acute understanding of it habits and desires and how to create new ones - We are the New United Kingdom of Wine.


United Kingdom Wine Consultants look after and support your brand and product in all your market processes and structures, from short-term one-off activities to complete long-term projects be you a small or medium-sized businesses, large corporation or indeed wine producing region. Our goal is to provide sustainable affordable solutions for every challenge your wine may face and to bring valuable assistance wherever we can with just one goal, to create a well made, presented and positioned wine that will entice to British market to buy, again and again. 



UK Wine Consultants present the Maison Veuve Clicquot 'The original Rosé Champagne'  Film.


Please click here to view.

Veuve Clicquot Film

Client: World of Fine Wine Magazine/Veuve Clicquot

The United Kingdom Brochure

A step-by-step overview of what UK Wine Consultants can do for you.


What makes us different?

Firstly, we are actual UK business professionals with a real understanding of UK consumer habits. We are new MW's with genuine capability to evaluate wines in a way that the retailers and resellers of today will listen to. We are UK Wine Writers who understand how to pitch and position your product for the press. We are UK wine retailers, that know the retail proposal and are capable of gaining that valuable shelf space. We are drinks business strategists that have a core understanding of the British consumers and as such are able to align product to current likes and purchasing trends. We are UK Wine Mavericks who are not afraid to buck a trend and think outside the bottle. We are a creative business that has expertise in every step of your journey to successful market penetration.


The aim of our service is to review in detail your product. To analytically assess where it sits to best effect within the British market, to devise a detailed business, product, brand and marketing plan based on current trend data and to attain a premium position within said market. To artistically package and continuously support the product to meet with current consumer tastes and ultimately to ensure you are uniquely recognised and valued as both a quality and affordable wine ensuring longevity of sales and profitability in the United Kingdom wine market.

What do you really get from us?





Each bottle of wine has a difference, albeit in some cases very subtle. UK Wine Consultants understands how subtle differences can mean the world and accordingly offers each and every winemaker a truly personal service where other wines, brands and products are not the lead points to our campaign for you, subtle differences can mean the world.


Our approach is not 'Mass Market' we do not wish to serve an industry but those people within in it that have a great product and would like this to lead to the appropriate great brand position, recognition and ultimately sales figures.


UK Wine consultants was originally started to create a new unhindered doorway to the UK market. We remain successfully so today by creating impactful, original even colourful strategies and campaigns for winemakers that frankly deserve it.

 Stop counting the ones you reach and reach the ones that count.

Why we think wine tastings can be wasteful.



300 hundred people in a small well positioned room. 30 great wine producers who have paid good money to be there. 3 people made a purchase 1 day after. In this scenario, everyone profited bar the winemaker! If you as a winemaker have felt like this before, simply ask us how to 'reach the ones the count'.





UK Wine Consultants have many 'ready-to-go' wine products waiting to assist a producer. Call us today to see if our products are a fit with your brand.

The last word.



Has anyone else noted the uniqness of this time period? Times are set to change, the grey market is moving, their 60's sons and daughters are now giving way to the pounds in the 12M grandsons & daughters pockets. There is real consumer change afoot have no doubt.


So, what is to become of the UK Wine industry, where will the this change lead us? what does it mean to your brand? at this very moment of the 18% of the total country that are drinking red wine, 13% are women, in fact in every catogory of wine its women that lead the way and since 2009 wine consumption has been decreasing. What does this tell us?


What sold to those that have become the grey market up untill the 2004 heyday, might not sell to the new? and if so, how do we best reach them?


When we see that American Wine is now just behind French Wine in sales in the UK, the question is perhaps at very least valid and worth real consideration.


Have little doubt that further consumer shift is approaching (as it always does from time-to-time) and that the highstreet approach to wine sales will have to adapt. Subtle as it may be (we doubt this) change is upon us and dont expect your wine broker to realise this.

UK Wine Consultants is a new-thinking wine consultancy set-up to assist your brand and wine sales here in the UK. We are not swayed by agent opinions or by merchants stuck in the mud. We deal in fact, we react to it or create it as is needed and we always keep our eye on the times.

Paul Anthony


'sittin sippin - analytically thinkin'




We understand quality is essential when we consider wine however, then we must consider the brand allurance to the above discussed new audience. Bailar: Rioja Redifined, for new eager wine minds.


Talk to us today about our range of wine brands we know will reach them and the high-shelves in the UK.



All Grape Foundation events for 2015 will be held at The Wisborough Estate. The Wisborough, Wisborough Green, West Sussex.

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